The AFL Owner/Operator Partnership Model allows individual lawyers and law firms to partner with AFL.
The partnership model is one that has been successfully perfected in other areas of listed professional services but not in the listed law firm segment.
Companies in the financial, accounting, medical, dental and veterinary sectors have partnered successfully to grow businesses in their local markets and support professionals to do what they do best- practice their area of expertise.
AFL brings its partnership model to the legal world for the first time in professional services
AFL provides the solution for the challenges faced by law firms in the modern world. It is the Owner/Operator Partnership Model. 

The practice of law has changed

In Australia there are 18,748 private law firms with an average number of 3 lawyers per firm. The production of lawyers from our universities has increased competition and fragmentation within the legal industry in Australia. The challenges faced by law firm owners and lawyers are significant, navigating through a constantly changing business world is not what lawyers are wired to do.

The Top 10 Greatest Challenges Facing Today’s Small Law Firms has been summarised by tech lawyer and writer Bob Ambrogi, based on an in-depth survey of small law firms conducted by Thomson Reuters Solo and Small Law Firm Group.



The Dilemma Facing Law Firm owners - When the buck stops with you

Like all areas of commerce, the pace of change and modernisation has impacted legal firms. The commoditisation of areas of law and the ‘people element’ of legal service has challenged traditional law firm models so much that the current environment is in a constant state of flux and change.

Some of the realities and challenges facing law firm owners include:

AFL meets the challenges

AFL has perfected the model to address the challenges law firms face. The Owner/Operator Partnership Model provides law firms and individuals with the unique competitive advantages it has perfected to become a leader in the Australian legal market.

Our tech enabled “new law” platform is allowing us to scale quickly. The Owner/Operator Partnership Model overcomes the challenges through:  

What this means to you as an AFL Partner

The AFL model allows you to do what you do best – practice law. You are not distracted by the challenges of your competitors. Those aspects of legal practice are managed by your partner -AFL – which has a demonstrated track record of success.
  • Well capitalized, ASX listed, board governed, and market leading Australian Family Law firm
  • Australia’s largest and only national specialised family law and private client firm
  • Values-driven Culture – people and clients are at the core of all considerations
  • New Law innovations without being complex or inhibiting
  • Best in class platform for success – IT, HR, Marketing, Business Development, Finance and Trust Accounting
  • World-class marketing platforms for digital, above/below the line advertising, Business Development toolkits, Public Relations
  • Financial hygiene management of all accounting and performance metrics
  • People and talent management process and development
  • Internal CLE and precendents
  • A well laid out plan and strategy for the future – including your future